Welcome to our Thriving Youth Groups class! Below you will find all of the videos and questions for each video. I’m so glad you’re on this journey!

Thriving Youth Groups PT 1

Responce Questions to PT 1:

Click Here For The Video: https://vimeo.com/255443716/3ddd517fcc

  • What were you like as a teenager? What were your warts?
  • Of the SIP’s on page 26 which 2 items do you most see yourself involved in? Or what catagory of the relaunch do you feel would be a strong suite for you? Hospitality, worship, guest reception, guest follow up?

Thriving Youth Groups PT 2

Response Questions to PT 2:

Click Here For The Video: https://vimeo.com/255924926/c7c65bdf5f

    • How many guest should we expect to bring in the first two months of our relaunch? And what would you do to get them there?
    • In your own words, what does it look and feel like for a youth group to genuinely care about their guest?